The Culture Cam installation

The Culture Cam and JumpingJack and Part of Art installations are developed as part of Europeana Creative, a European project which enables and promotes greater re-use of digital cultural heritage resources by creative industries.

Europeana Creative / SMK

Under the overall title of the Open Culture event, “Set Art Free!”, the Culture Cam installation became a significant part of the #14 edition of SMK Fridays on May 29th, 2015, in the National Gallery of Art (SMK).

Located in the beautiful Old Ballroom, the interactive installation invited more than 6,000 museum visitors to engage with digitized cultural heritage images from Europeana – in a fun, spatial, tactile and playful way.

Based on the interacting person’s clothes or props, captured by a Kinect, projected images on the large-scale end wall of the Old Ballroom appeared in similar color and/or pattern.

In occasion of the specific "Set Art Free!” event, Space And Time (Spild af Tid) created in addition to the Culture Cam installation the Jumping Jack installation, re-mixing public domain artworks from SMK. The Jumping Jack installation was exhibited at the other end wall of the Old Ballroom and technically derived from the Culture Cam installation.

In July 2015, the Culture Cam installation was transfered to Vienna and exhibited in the Austrian National Library as part of Europeana Creative Culture Jam. Among other culture jam events the installation was awarded in the category "gathered the most feedback".

Additionally, the installation was presented at the Ars Electronica Festival in September 2015.

The Culture Cam installation is part of a two-fold design concept aiming to demonstrate creative and innovative re-use of Europeana content – and not least to stimulate people to dive into our common cultural heritage in a highly engaging way. The installation concept led to the development of the webcam based online tool Culture Cam.