In the House

Scenography and visuals for "In the House", a theatre concert performed by Danish artist Caroline Henderson as a 75 minutes long live music video, merging film, music and theater.

Art Direction: Jakob Thorbek
Design: Jakob Thorbek, Johannes Larsen
Director: Christoffer Berdal
Scenography: Jakob Thorbek
Lighting designer: Frederik Heitmann


In the House is a 75 minutes long live music video, performed by Danish artist Caroline Henderson. The music video is the synthesis of film, music and theater, based on the latest album of the artist.

The narrative of the album is visually supported by a scenography in the shape of a video installation adding storytelling and spatial effects to the performance.

The video installation consists of projections on both end wall and surfaces on stage. It adds to the performance a highly three-dimensional experience and creates an effect of actual theatrical scenery.

The installation was made for touring, starting on The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen.