Sanduq el Dunia

The Sanduq El-Dunia project is a Egyptian web version of the interactive installation VÆGGEN (The Wall). 
The topbanner is a downscaled version of the 3D/3D cityscape known from the award winning wall projects.
Spild af Tid and Gibson Group also produced a mini wall instalation to travel around cultural events in Cairo and Egypt

Museum of Copenhagen & The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI)

The ​Sanduq El Dunia webiste and new version of the mini wall was was developed on the base of the preview wall produced in 2013 for the occation of the IMAGES festival "Utopia" in Copenhagen
Based on a comprehensive collection of images disseminating cultural, political and historical perspectives on Cairo, the cityscape was created as a preview of a possible future realisation of an interactive wall installation in the capital of Egypt.
The Cairo wall concept was developed in close collaboration with the New Zealand based production company Gibson Group.