Touch Walls

The TouchCity walls are three-dimensional cityscapes built of large media collections of images and video from the the institutions. It acts as a multi user installation, allowing groups of people to browse simultaneously through the cities culture and history – across time, place and theme. This is made possible by a giant panoramic wall of advanced touch screens.

Visitors can also become a part of the cityscapes through user-generated features. They can upload their own collections of images, tell their own family history, add comments to images and videos, send a post card via email etc.

So far the following installations has been produced; Discovery Wall in Christchurch, Digie in El Paso, The Sanduq El-Dunia in Cairo and VÆGGEN (The Wall) in Copenhagen.

The installations are produced and developed with New Zealand basedGibson Group

DiscoveryWall, Christchurch, New Zealand

Digie, El Paso, Texas

VÆGGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark

​The Sanduq El-Dunia, Cairo, Egypt